Valentines 2012

     Inspired by Jane & Emma, each year we make our valentines...  This year, we started with doodles that I've been playing with over the past year, we decided to make a few versions; bookmarks, hearts, hearts with wings, labels, and cards.

I then photocopied them onto cardboard.  Jane & Emma were glad to do the watercolor painting on these cards, by doing layers of washes.  We waited till they dried, varnished them, and then cut them out with curvy scissors.  From there we glued them onto cardboard and re-cut them out to make them a little more sturdy.

The girls did a beautiful job finishing them with a gel pen and writing their class mates names on them!  It was a GREAT family project.

We have a seres that we are going to make into cards and will be donating to the Ride to Conquer cancer fundraiser at the Skol Pub, Gabriola on Feb. 25th.  Hope to see you there!

I've inlcuded the link to the Valentines Drawings, please feel free to use them for personal use only.


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