Glass Tile Pendants

Thanks to Christy, for her email this morning, I was inspired to play with my glass tile pendants...  These little creations are easy to make and turn into lovely gifts... 

I had a collection of the trays, that I picked up on Etsy, and the glass bezel tops, the ones that I had measured one inch diameter.  Lucky for me I have a one inch circle paper cutter, so I could start stamping out some butterflies, but one could use scrap book papers, maps, written notes, hand created art (as long as it's properly sealed) or what have you.  (Next time I'll try to take photos of the process)...

I cut out my one inch rounds, and glued them with Diamond Glaze to the bottom of the tray, the trick is to cover the bottom of the tray with a super thin layer, ensuring that there are no bubbles and that it is evenly coated.  I then just place the picture onto the glued tray, and put on one more fine & very even layer of glue, at this stage it's important to ensure that there are no bubbles in it.  I then take the glass bezel, and lightly from one side to the other set it on top - the trick here is not to fiddle with it to much but let it dry.  If your finding glue is oozing out the sides, you've likely added to much glue.

Set it onto a chain, and voila - it's all ready for gift giving...  I have a few of the butterfly series that I've just posted to Etsy at: .

I'd love to see what you create! 

Just a GREAT idea...

Thanks to a blog I recently read, (and my apologies for not remembering the name to credit), I wanted to pass along a GREAT idea that I came across...

I LOVE decorating things, cakes, cookes, anything edible but this year with a hectic schedule it's been hard to find time in the kitchen.  When I was reading through a christmas cookie blog, one of them suggested buying cookies and just decorating them up - GREAT idea, a real time saver and then I was able to create enough cookies to spread over three classes.

The snowmen cookies were a hit with the kids, lots of icing, and just a small chocolate mint cookie thin.  I'm a little behind on the blog, but am just enjoying Christmas day, and the chance to catch up on some of my crafty creations for this holiday season.

& More Journals...

Each year my sister and I try to make the kids something, as handmade gifts have a special meaning in our family...  This year, it's all about the art journals as all of the kids love art projects, and although I'm completely biased, their work is amazing, so I wanted to give them a special place to keep their art.

I created the "wish" theme for the kids, of course with wishes had to come starts.  I'm loving creating these journals (to bad everyone I know now has one or more)...

Happy Holidays...

The Christmas Angel

A Reid Family Tradition as written by Beverley Reid...

40 years ago a little boy sat with his mother staring at the Christmas tree they had just finished decorating. While they thought it looked beautiful, something was missing. "Oh my," said the mother, "we do need to put a decoration on the top...maybe a star or even a giant icicle."
 "I know, Mummy," said the boy. "How about an angel?"
 "What a good idea!" his mother replied. "Let's see if we can  make one."
Together the little boy and his mother started to search for bits of paper and cloth that might be turned into an angel. From his mother's sewing basket, the boy found some brown yarn and a red ribbon.  His
mother looked in her office and spotted an empty paper roll she thoughtmight work as a body. She remembered a Styrofoam float in the back yard which they could use for a head and a sparkling old Christmas tree that could be taken apart for a silvery dress.

As the afternoon wore on and the sun began to set, the boy and his mother worked together at the kitchen table to finish their Christmas creation.  The boy wanted their angel to have a beautiful  smile and big eyes to see Santa.  They decided that her name would be  "Audrey the Angel" and that she was the most special Christmas angel in the world.
 What the little boy and his mother didn't know, was that Audrey was a magical angel.   In the years to come, when she was brought out of the Christmas trunk, she would have things to say and while she often complained in language that wasn't very Christmasy, she was secretly grateful for her life as the family's Christmas tree guardian and most important Christmas tradition.

This year to honor the 40th anniversary of this magical angel, a new version based on the story was created for each of the family members, so that they would all be able to enjoy.  Emma & Jane thoughtfully put a name to each of the angels, to give them a little more personality...

We then decided to start a new Gabriola tradition, of the "Gabriola Angel" which is to be gifted on Christmas eve each year to someone in the Gabriola community, whose home it should live in for the year, it can be someone inspiring, caring, or anyone who exemplifies the Gabriola spirit, they then get to put their name on her, and next Christmas eve they choose the home that this special angel will get to live in all year long, helping spread the magic...

The Stockings Were Hung...

I'm loving the look of the very natural yet somewhat elegant burlap stockings I've been seeing on display this year, and decided that I needed to re-create them.  I followed this brilliant tutorial for general Christmas Stocking at Make it Love it , and then just went from there to embelish them. 

As burlap tends to be very organic and inconsistent, I did line them, as although I wanted them to be somewhat rustic in appearance, I also wanted them to be functional.

The stockings are going to be part of gift exchange on Gabriola  this year, so the feminine one I've got some of my earrings that I created in, and Tom's been hard at work tying flies for the masculine ones - am loving the idea of wrapping in functional items :)

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

This is perfect for the holiday season...  What a way to end the 12 Days of Christmas a gorgeous bracelet, in amazing green hues created by the islands own, Lindsay Stocking Godfrey.   Lindsay's very accomplished works are decadent in desgin, and are often found at Artworks along with galleries throughout Canada.

Lindsay shares the love for her work though an apprentiship program - for those lucky enough to enrol, she has taught some of the islands amazing talents.

Thank you Lindsay, and all of the amazing artists for participating in this 12 Days of Christmas Exchange - it's been AMAZING!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 11

I LOVE this little painting...  and what a fabulous message captured by Christy Wilson.  I was very fortunate this year to get my hands on a copy of her very limited calendars each month has a bright and cheery painting of Christy's work.  In additionn she specializes in custom pieces ideal for weddings, baby showers, and just fthe every day :)

12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

"Tweet Tweet - So Sweet..."  This stunning bird ornament created by Tina Lynch, my awesome sister, was made out of wood brids, beads & clay to create these whymsical birds of flight...

Tina is the artist in the family, and is known locally on the island for her stunning poppy and pear paintings.  She has exhibited at Artworks in solo shows as well as active in the community arts shows.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 9

Julie Sperber artists extrodinaire behind Yuma designs created this gorgeous "Joy" pendant and magnet.  Spread the Joy she certainly did with this amazing creation.  In addition to gorgeous custom jewellery pieces, she also runs Red Roaster Coffee here on Gabriola. 

Her delightful creations can be found at varying craft shows throughout the year, as well as at the Hen House on Gabriola's South End.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 8

Encaustic Cards!!!

Todays Day was from the very talented Randi Lynch, yes by the last name you may have guessed we are related, she's my mom.  A real treat to open up a beautiful collection of original encaustic cards - the only thing is that they are to precious not to be framed...

Thanks Mom!  xoxoo

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

"Birds of Happiness."  Love it, what a great idea for the exchange, of course, being such a bird nut in the arts, this piece is definately hanging in my art area!

There isn't anything Diana Bonder can't do, she's been a streamstress, now childs author and illustrator, artist extrordinaire, are only among some of her many talents.  Last year, she helped me to give the most amazing Christmas gift - a commissioned piece of her work featuring Jane & Emma and the tales of Bubba goose, a story the girls have been told since they were wee ones.  Her stories and illustrations are amazing, if you're ever on the island over the studio tour, her studio is a must see!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

The "WOW" factor best describes Tammy Hudgeon's amazing glass works, and there is no better way to start the morning, then waking up to open up to gift 6 a piece of original Tammy's glass wear.  I just can't wait to hang up this stunning piece.

Tammy's work is featured at Artworks, in the Folklife Village here on Gabriola along with many galleries, or you can visit her website online, she also has a blog which features some of her new work.  In addition to her amazing glass work Tammy does the most incredible mixed media art - I'm looking forward to adding a piece to my collection.

Thanks Tammy, you are truly an inspiring individual...

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5

Ok...  So, I can't really say I was so surprised, but you know what how great is it to take the time to wrap your own gift - especailly made by you!  Well with the 12 days of Christmas, we each made 1 day, which meant on one of the days we'd be opening up a gift that we created ourselves.

So, today day 5 is mine.  I created these little journals, each was unique here's the link to my Flickr site where you can see all 13 of these creations:  Knotty by Nature Gabriola .

I had so much fun making them, I hope each of the girsl will enjoy opening them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I have to also put a special thank you out there to Sue, who this weekend did an amazing job manning my booth at the Gabriola Elementary School Craft Fair.  She did an amazing job - thanks Sue.  Now that it's over, I have my etsy shop back online, and will be adding some new items shortly!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

I knew there was something very special in this box, I could tell as the smell that permeated from it held great promise.  So what was in this magnificent parcel...

Beautiful soap bars both Ruby Tuesday & Vanilla Coca Butter Luxury Bar, an intricate and gorgeous brown sugar body scrub, and a shower power fizzing bar - all creations of Brenda Reid, (one of Gabriola's amazing additions to the island this year), creator of the Happy Hippy Soap Company

Even if your not lucky enough to live on the island, or be able to come for a visit, you can order online through her website, or if you are on the island , she carries her soaps at  Slice of Life Gallery .

Thanks Brenda!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Today's special treat was one created by my dear friend Jane Reddington.  She makes a limited edition of her special owls each year, each one is very different and has a little story.  My special owl's name was Jennifer who likes to make pretty little things - kinda suits, don't you think?

As well as her fabulous owls, Jane is an author and is looking to publish her first book, of course I'll be giving all the details as soon as it's available.

Thanks Jane, for this amazing owl, she's already found the perfect place perched in my craft room!

The Christmas Cookie Walk

It's a very busy time of year, and the holidays for me, are always a little harder when it comes to finding time for art.  So with the inspiration or I took my art medium into the food and created these little Santa Hat - Cake Pops for the Gabriola Elementary School Cookie Walk.  The tutorial was amazing, and they have many great ideas for almost every season and occassion!

I've never made "cake pops" before, so they definately took me a little longer than I had anticipated, but I was pretty happy with the end result, and hope that they'll be able to raise a little money for our Gabriola Elementary Schools PAC.

Even more importantly it met with the approval of Emma & Jane, who thought they were for breakfast.

The cookie walk is part of the Gabriola Elementary School Fundraiser being held on December 3, from 10 am to 3pm - but if you're there for the cookies you might want to get there early to ensure you won't be disappointed.  It's a great way to get your holiday baking done, without so much as making a mess in your kitchen.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2


Ok day 2 and the WOW factor of these amazing artists on the island is off the chart.  Today's special package, (and yes, evidence is in the details as it was wrapped in handmade packaging), contained an eloquent mosaic necklace.  The beautiful hues and texture of the glass compliment this gorgeous peace perfectly.

This very special gift was the creation of Karen Aaker, Purple Door Mosaics .  Karen is the co-organizer of the "Once Upon a Time" show.  A summertime highlight here on Gabriola, and one of the best art shows I've had the opportunity to attend!

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

It's exciting to get into the highly anticipated goodie bag filled with all sorts of Christmas Treasures, and what a way to start on Day 1.  A beautifully hand crafted owl mug by the very talented ceramic artist, Mariko McCrae of Feedlot Studio, here on Gabriola.

In addition to her amazing creations, and custom work, she also offers open studio on the island, and gives us all a great atmosphere to come and play with the clay.  Her insipiration & passion for art is truly contageous.

What a Great Way to start out our 12 Days of Christmas gift exchange.