Upcycled Art Case

     I'm completely fascinated by upcycled art...  So, yesterday I stopped by GIRO, Gabriola's Recycling Organization, where I found an old fashioned hard bodied make up case.  My $2.00 purchase was going to be my new travelling art case.  I couldn't wait to get it home, it needed a good clean, bit of bleach, as evidence in teh before picture.  Then I had to much fun with painting layers upon layers, tryng to get a bit of a distressed look.  Of course further embelishments needed to happen so I branded it with my "Knotty by Nature" and well - it couldn't be complete without a bird!

While I've deconstructed the inside and taken out the gold material that adorned this case, I'm now working on creating a distressed white interior - so many ideas for how the inside might be finished, so I'll post back when I get it finished!  My new case will be accompanying me later this month to Artfest , likely will be housing my trades...  Have you upcyceld art lately?  Would love to see what you've been up to...


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