Upcycled Art Case

     I'm completely fascinated by upcycled art...  So, yesterday I stopped by GIRO, Gabriola's Recycling Organization, where I found an old fashioned hard bodied make up case.  My $2.00 purchase was going to be my new travelling art case.  I couldn't wait to get it home, it needed a good clean, bit of bleach, as evidence in teh before picture.  Then I had to much fun with painting layers upon layers, tryng to get a bit of a distressed look.  Of course further embelishments needed to happen so I branded it with my "Knotty by Nature" and well - it couldn't be complete without a bird!

While I've deconstructed the inside and taken out the gold material that adorned this case, I'm now working on creating a distressed white interior - so many ideas for how the inside might be finished, so I'll post back when I get it finished!  My new case will be accompanying me later this month to Artfest , likely will be housing my trades...  Have you upcyceld art lately?  Would love to see what you've been up to...

Good Friends & Valentines

Last night we got together with friends to create some new pillow covers for Valentines...  We had so much fun photo transfering "LOVE" onto the pillow cases, and then started having to much fun with embellishments of scrap fabric & a sewing machine!  While simple these pillow cases were a HUGE success and a super fun and easy project - and what fun crafting with friends who inspire you!

                                                     Happy Valentines!   x0xx0X

More Valentines

Well the girls did such a good job on their valentines that I promised to bake some treats for their class...  I started out with a simple sugar cookie reipe, of course I made multiple batches (had to have enough for my niece & nephews class) and a few extra for the family!

After many batches of cookies were made, I started on the royal icing, there's a GREAT online tutorial and for those who saw last years valentines cookies, you'll know that I was completely inspired by Sweetopia .  I followed the instructions both to pipe and flood the cookies with red icing.  The white icing was just for playing and making several different designs! 

                                                                Happy Valentines  X0XXO

Project Cupid - Thanks Craftsy

I was super excited this week to have one of my clay pendants featured on Craftsy's blog.  I entered it into a Project Cupid valentines contest.  It's been great to post some of my projects, as well some of my process on this great open sharing site.  Craftsy if a fantastic resource in addition to the amazing sharing, they offer workshops and patterns for purchase.   If you haven't visited check it out at http://www.craftsy.com/ .

If you'd like to stop by and "heart" any of my projects I'd love the support - thanks again!!  & thanks Craftsy!


Valentines 2012

     Inspired by Jane & Emma, each year we make our valentines...  This year, we started with doodles that I've been playing with over the past year, we decided to make a few versions; bookmarks, hearts, hearts with wings, labels, and cards.

I then photocopied them onto cardboard.  Jane & Emma were glad to do the watercolor painting on these cards, by doing layers of washes.  We waited till they dried, varnished them, and then cut them out with curvy scissors.  From there we glued them onto cardboard and re-cut them out to make them a little more sturdy.

The girls did a beautiful job finishing them with a gel pen and writing their class mates names on them!  It was a GREAT family project.

We have a seres that we are going to make into cards and will be donating to the Ride to Conquer cancer fundraiser at the Skol Pub, Gabriola on Feb. 25th.  Hope to see you there!

I've inlcuded the link to the Valentines Drawings, please feel free to use them for personal use only.

Introducing... "Geraldine"

    I've recently acquired an embroidery machine, so I'm having fun playing with all the stiches, and just creating, so the first thing I wanted to do was get out some of the pictures done by Jane & Emma (7 year olds) to start to create their works into stuffies...  I love their imagination, and to be able to capture it into another medium gives me great pleasure, they also love seeing their artwork come alive.

Please allow me to introduce you to "Geraldine".   Inspired by two little superheroes, Jane & Emma! Geraldine is a loyal companion by day, but when it's time for lights out she's there to watch over you in your  dreams!

Here's some of the past creations...

Happy New Year & Valentines is Next...

After ringing in the New Year, I was inspired to start on a collection of creations that are all inspired by Valentines...

These are 3 x 3 inch mixed media originals paintings are & handmade with love.  This is part of a series of 9 paintings on canvas, painting made with lots of care and love in the middle of the night by me.

This is a unique piece that will enhance any wall, an original painting for your special valentines.

About this blog

I've been fortunate to enjoy following many craft blogs over the years, which has inspired me to create a littlel blog about "everything crafty." I'm going to share some of my creations as well as crafty inspirations.